SECURITY is GMG’s specialty since we have established. Out Total Security Solution is providing various solutions to secure anywhere such as building, outdoor areas, in vehicles, and etc.,
The most optimized security system will be offered to meet each customer’s needs and support technical assist if our customers need any help to resolve the issue. Secure your property and prevent the crime with the highest level of security.


GMG's TS VMS is designed to manage security processes effectively and systematically from small scale to large scale systems(more than 8,000 channels). It includes all the latest functions required by today’s security professional and in a convenient way. Being able to process many channels of data simply, it controls image, audio, alarm data and metadata on diversified environment as a complete enterprise platform.



GMG SECURITY is an authorized distributor of Computer lens from CBC Japan.
To provide the highest quality of video image, GMG camera with computer lens combination is the perfect collaboration to secure the property with more clear, more crisp video.


logo-computar-hdrWhen your application requires perfect vision, you know where to turn. For more than 40 years, Computar has been the world leader in optics across industries including security, defense, machine vision and traffic systems. Whatever your specific needs, Computar® has the lens that fits.