Fire Detecting Camera "G"

fgGMG Fire G camera is compact but powerful solution for detecting flame, smoke and intrusion. Not like as previous system based on fire detecting sensor or thermal video, it is very simply used installing 1 camera and alarming device. visually detecting the presence of flame, smoke based on embedded detecting Chipset and analyzing various algorithms at installed area. Fire G represents a completed solution for early warning fire detection, especially for property equipped with very expensive and important industrial devices or open area venues.


3 in 1 System                           

3IN1CONCEPTFire-G is convergent solution integrating 3 solutions in 1 cameras.
As a leader in IP CCTV market, Fire-G combines the enhanced resolution and picture clarity with built-in flame, smoke and motion detector capabilities with fire detection module and embedded powerful analysis algorithm. 



  • Versatile use for surveillance camera and fire/smoke detection solution 
  • Presence of flames within the field of view of the camera(up to 50m w/3mm lens)
  • Reflected fire light when flames are obstructed
  • Prompt warning alarm in 20sec(Fire), 30sec(Smoke)
  • Presence of pluming smoke clouds and ambient smoke(up to 30m w/3mm lens)
  • Detecting Accuracy : 99% /  False Alarm : 0%


Fire Extinguisher Sticker

GMG offers the innovative fire extinguisher solution to our customers. This tiny, thin slicker type stick developed high-end technology using  Nano and Microencapsulation. This remarkable solution of new technology which protects the valuable property from the unexpected fire by including short circuit or
electric leakage the simple & easy installation.
The active component of Extinguisher stick reacts on increase of temperature over a critical value and suppress the fire bed completely.


  • Cutting Edge Technology
     ; Nano and Microencapsulation Technology
  • Fill Autonomous Feature
     ; Automatic operation by detecting surrounding temperature
  • Very Easy & Simple to Install
     ; Simply paste on the surface of object by using the strong double-sided glue tape
  • Prevent Fire spreading by Rapid Extinguishing the Fire in the Early Stage
  • Activating Temperature : 100℃~120℃