Why we need Digital Meter?

Digital meter can be used for remote measurement and AMR(Automatic Meter Reading)

  • Conventional geared water meter cannot be used for remote measurement.
       To check the usage, people must go and read the water unit.
  • Digital water meter has communication line and thus can remotely read.


Existing Magnet Type Digital Meter Problem

  1. People deliberately attach a strong magnet to the outside of the water meter.
    → Reed switch (or MR sensor) is effected by outside magnet
    → Flow counting stops → It caused of illegal usage of water or mis-calculated Bill
  2. Iron powders of in the water continually attaches to the magnet of the impeller
    →  this eventually results in the water meter flow counting stop

SOLUTION is using DIGITAL METER which is not effected by any magnetic inside and outside.


  • The world’s first Infrared type meter
  • 100% safe from magnetic
     → Works perfectly even under any strong magnetic field or outside magnet
  • No magnet is used in the water flow counting
     → Reducing Maintenance rate approx 70% compare to magnet type digital meter.
  • Various software algorithm have been applied
     → Reduce product process. More accurate compared to magnet type digital meter.
  • Reduces manufacturing cost → Overall unit price is cheaper than magnet type digital meter.
  • Various Communication method → RS232(UART), RS485, DCPLC, PULSE
  • Power options → 3.6V DC Lithium battery with outside input dual power