How it works in the system?

GMG’s Digital Air-in Temperature/Humidity sensor has been designed to be used in the room installed many of system racks, and it detects temperature for checking self heating for operation, over heating for malfunction, and humidity for checking over leaking or flooding without physical contact. This is the Air-in Sensor detecting temperature and humidity. Realtime Data gathered from GMG sensor thru network(TCP Protocol) is transmitted to integrated management system.

GMG-DIgital Contactless Sensor_Humidity_Thermal-rev1-5

 Conventional SensorGMG Digital Sensor
DetectBy Space temperatureBy Space & Specific Point's data
DataTemperatureTemperature & Humidity
FeaturesIt is normally checked by area based, and this is the source to set how HVAC works in the clean room. However, it can not catch the temperature far away from the thermometer, and there is limit to manage each device’s temperature in that room.GMG’s Digital Sensor solution is based on Point of Rack, and this is the biggest different system to conventional system. More Accurate data from various point at the each rack can operate HVAC system more efficiently, and it helps reduce energy and operating cost a lot.



System Diagram


Install Plan(Sample)

install plan

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