Residential Ventilation System

GMG’s Residential ventilation system is perfect for high-rised building which is completed optimized stack effect. For the energy efficient operation, our system can be operated by hybrid system with natural and mechanical ventilation mode. Most reliable and intelligent house ventilation solution in this industry.

Parkinglot Ventilation System


GMG’s specialists in air offer the optimal plan for underground or garage ventilation system avoiding "dead" spaces. Parking Lot/Garage System is the most popular products in our line-up  since our good planning, beginning with physical values such as the underground car park's dimensions, its occupancy, its usage profiles, velocity and etc., We do have several types of Jet Fan products, and help to install your property for clean air.

Commercial HVAC System


Electrostatic precipitator and metal mesh pre-filter consists entirely.
Workplace conditions, metallic mesh pre-filter two or three is sometimes used as the overlay