Why choose GMG LED Lamp ?

  • Differentiated product designed in consideration of LED light and installation purpose
  • Guarantee long life time with use of exclusive SMPS
  • One body typed fixture design (excellent heat dissipation structure)
  • Outstanding light efficacy and differentiated light characteristics
  • 100% compatibility with existing fixture and lamp
  • Applied with optimal cover compatible with existing fixture and lamp
  • Possible to apply dimming function to all products
  • All products are in registration of patent, utility model, trademark and design

Most Popular LED Lamp Line-up

Ultra Slim Flat LED
  • High Efficiency
  • No Dazzling LED Light
  • Optimized Radiant Panel  Equipped
  • More than Ra = 80
  • Low Heat Temperature (Under 50˚)
  • No Mercury & Reducing Co2
  • PIR + IR Network Sensor Equipped
  • Same Cost to normal Flat LED
  • Ultra Slim Panel Design
7.7W MR16(Halogen Replacement)
  • 50W Halogen Replacement
  • Compatible with Any  Ballast
  • Flicker/Noise Free
  • Total Velocity : 500lm ↑
  • Power Factor Circuit (PF 0.8↑)
  • No Yellow Ring Issue
  • Long Life Span 50,000hrs
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Compatible with Halogen Inverter