Brighter and more beautiful In/Exterior with AC LED Module!

Most of existing LED modules use SMPS(Switching Mode Power Supply)with DC power input which makes it difficult to secure the appropriate space during installation with additional maintenance costs due to frequent failures of the devices.
To prevent those issues in the filed, our LED module has been designed to AC type no need SMPS anymore. GMG AC Module allows installation would be easier with plenty of space and efficient process. The most important key benefit is it is no more need maintenance service with zero rate of failure!


1. Only Qualified High-Luminous Flux LED used

Worldwide compatible input powers of 100V/120V/220V/240V, 50~60Hz with 3 patented white LED are used to complete product with its long lifetime above 50,000hrs and guaranteed higher reliability. The 100lm/w efficiency of patented lighting LED guarantee to become the brightest LED products in the world.

2. Embedded Temperature Compensation & Overvoltage Protection Circuit

Not only the operating current of a general DC LED module will increase higher than rated one but a large sum of heat will generated as the ambient temperature climbs, which causes to decrease the life time of the equipped LED. Since AC LED modules are equipped with temperature compensation and overvoltage protection circuits, there are no risks of getting fire due to increased temperature of the LED module.

3. Built-in High Efficiency AC Driving Circuit

Since each AC LED module is equipped with an individual AC driving circuit, any desired number of circuits can be installed with no SMPS, inside or outside.

As a result, 75% 40~50%, and 15% of consumption power can be saved when compared to incandescent light, fluorescent light, and DC LED modules, respectively.

4. Up to 400 AC Constant Current Circuit Connected

In addition, AC LED modules can be connected to 4 times longer distance than that of the DC LED modules because of equipped driving circuits in each module. It enables to reduce wires down to at a quarter level upon installation, and the brightness uniformity of LED are well maintained even if 400 of modules are connected at once.

5. Weak Generation of Electromagnetic Wave(Noise)

Competitors' LED Modules generate significant noise(Electromagnetic Waves).
However, our module is generating significant weak noise which is not caused further problems to other electronic devices.